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Obtaining a visa to any country is never easy. It can be frustrating in trying to understand the laws, rules, procedures and most importantly the requirements.

Some countries have more difficult migration laws than others. The more difficult the less trust that can be placed on word of mouth, the internet and unqualified advice.

In Australia, due to the complexity of migration law, the Government has created a regulatory and operational framework to instill trust, honesty and reliance on the migration service and advice given. It is highly regulated to support people who would like to migrate to Australia, to give them the confidence that applying for a visa through a migration agent will give them the highest chance of successfully obtaining a visa, whether it be temporary or permanent.

This means only qualified and registered Migration Agents are permitted to offer Migration services.

At Oz Visa Central we employ a team of expert qualified and registered Migration Agents.

We understand everyone is different, such as their level of English, character, health and stage of life. All these various aspects (and many more) play an important part of being able to determine the level of success in applying for a visa. It will also play a part regarding which type of visa would be the most appropriate.

The background of each person often dictates the level of support that is needed in applying for a visa. We understand this, and unlike many other Migration Agents we do not pressure anyone into services that are unnecessary or unwanted.

We want the best for you, and provide you with open and transparent, honest advice so that you can make the right decisions.

At Oz Visa Central we love migration law. We enjoy reviewing migration cases and applying migration law. Whether is it simple or complex, we achieve great satisfaction and reward. Needless to say, we are deeply passionate about Migration Law.

Core Values

Our core values are honesty, trust and transparency. We are upfront with you, if we deem the chances of success are low (or even non existent). We will of course, advise you if your chances are high. We offer a variety of services which can be a holistic application, preparation, completion and submission or simply straight forward, easy to understand advice.

At Oz Visa Central, we uphold these core values:

Trust – you can trust us because we are professional. We hold you in respect, we value your background and the goals you want to achieve for your life and your family.

Honesty – we believe and practice honesty. We are upfront and provide the best advice and service for you. If you cannot obtain a visa, we will advise that you cannot obtain a visa. If you wish to proceed, it is with knowing that the chances of success are extremely low. If there is an urgency, we will advise of the need of urgency and will encourage you to act as quickly as possible.

Transparency – we will not with hold any relevant information from you. Our dedication and commitment to you is to ensure that a complete understanding of the advice given, the service that can be provided, in order for you to make the best decision for you. Not for us, but for you.

Being a Migration Agent is not easy. Migration Law is complicated and requires continual professional study and practice. But we, Oz Central Visa, love migration law. For us, our sense of satisfaction is understanding and applying migration law for you.

Our Experience

Oz Visa Central Migration Agents have a vast amount of experience covering all aspects of migration law. Our experience shows through in our professionalism. We are prompt, thorough, pay attention to detail, and listen to you respectfully.

Our experience is the difference between us and many other Migration Agents.

Our Services

At Oz Visa Central we provide a whole range of services. No service is too small or large for us. Our services are professional, prompt and abide by our core values.

Our Migration Agent services include:

  • Migration Law interpretation
  • Migration Law application
  • Visa application preparation
  • Visa application completion
  • Visa application review of supporting documents
  • Visa submission
  • Visa procedural advice

Why Choose Us?

Oz Visa Central is Australia’s leading Migration Agency because of the core values that we uphold. We go above and beyond, in trust, honesty and transparency. You will be able to see on our site, that our material is personal, helpful and balanced. We want to expand our content to not only provide with rules and procedures, but insights the Australian way of life, migrating to Australia and ultimately migration law and its application to your situation.

Our Locations

Our head office is located in Sydney, Australia. However, we have migration agents that are based throughout Australia. If you need to see a migration face to face, we can easily accommodate and organise it for you, even though our head office is in Sydney.

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