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At OVC, we reference all the migration laws for you to easily find. It’s the leading site that contains visa rules, how to guides and other useful information for those who wish to apply for an Australian Visa.

We value quality and honesty! It’s the two fundamental principles of our migration practice. Quality is highly important. Without quality, all your hopes of applying for the appropriate visa may be set back, or even worse, totally lost. Honesty is the second criteria to for us to uphold, for without honesty, you may be led down the wrong path unintentionally. No one wants to feel cheated or scammed, especially when it relates to going to Australia either temporarily or permanently.

We are top rated for a reason, we have a balance of high quality and honesty rating, and we treat all our applicants with respect.

The information on our site, provides quality and honest advice. There are some areas of migration law that is highly complex, and whilst we are qualified and experienced migration agents, we will be upfront with you if other experts need to be consulted.

Quality and honesty are two core values, that makes OVC Australia’s number 1 leading Migration Agent.

If you are only just beginning to think about travelling to Australia, then we are here to guide you on how to get started, the best links to refer to. We guide you on the most appropriate way to garner further information, to then proceed to having further discussions.

If you already have Australian visa experience, we provide you with information to help you take that next step. And at each step, we offer advice on whether to engage us, as a migration agent.

If you’re not ready to engage us, that’s no problem. We are keen to provide as much information as possible on the premise that you too are performing all the research that you can in order to give yourself the best chance of obtaining an Australian visa.

Understand, however, that many applicants will find the Australian Migration Law too complicated, and it is at that point that we highly recommend that you engage with us, to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Why consider a visa to Australia?

Australia is one of the most highly regarded countries to live in. A country that if full of natural beauty, a rich and diverse population from many ethnic backgrounds and of religious beliefs. Australia is therefore one of the most accepting, warm and welcoming countries in the world.

Great opportunities exist for those who reside in Australia. Australia is the only country in the world that has had 30 consecutive years of economic growth. It is a country that promotes business as well as an excellent welfare system for those in need.

Australia’s educational system is one of the best in the world. With the many foreign students coming to Australia to study, this is a testament to how good education is here.

Australia is a great country to travel to. If you love to see nature such as the great barrier reef, Sydney Opera House, the penguins at Phillip islands or simply relax at one of the beautiful beaches, then Australia is a must see destination.

Australia consists of the following States and Capital cities:

And also have the two territories of:

  • ACT – Canberra
  • Northern Territory

Explore your options, and come to Australia! In doing so, it is highly recommended that you see a licensed migration agent like us: OZ Visa Central.

What is a licensed migration agent?

By Australian law only a licensed migration agent is permitted to give advice and to charge for their migration agent services. A license migration agent is required to have passed several migration law tests and is to perform continuous education courses each year to maintain their qualifications. Should a migration agent not perform their continuous education their license may be revoked.

Often applicants will ask, but how do I know that you are a registered migration agent, one that is licensed and qualified?

To check you can search for our migration agent ID on the attached link.

We are registered and completely compliant with the Australian regulations and governance.

How do I know that you are the best migration agent for me?

This is a very difficult question to answer, because this depends entirely on your situation and your needs. Some applicants may have a very simple visa case, and simply need us to implement the visa application process and to ensure all the necessary items are ticked off the checklist. Other applicants are perhaps more knowledgeable and only need us for specific parts of the migration law. And some applicants are in situations that are extremely complicated and require an extremely experienced migration agent, that we may not be able to help with, that can steer through the complexity of Australian migration law and also through the maze of procedures that meets the Department of Home Affairs.

Having said that, we are extremely upfront and will honestly guide you in the right direction. We will advise if you should seek the assistance of another migration agent which may have specific expertise in the area of migration law that you need. The Australian migration law is highly complicated and not all migration agents will be completely across all forms of complexity. Take for example, Refugee Visa applications. It can be highly complicated and rare for the average migration agent to come across and may even lead to the applicant seeking the assistance of a qualified lawyer.

Why is Australian Migration Law so complicated?

Australia prides itself in having a properly regulated and government migration system. The purposes of having these checks and balances in place is to ensure that the right character of people of allowed into the country. It makes complete sense that only those who should meet certain rules will be allowed into Australia, and/or to remain in Australia. And typically, what determines these rules are the current economic, social aspects that Australia is going through AND the government of the day. Usually the Government in power is either the Coalition Liberal National Party or the Labor Party.

Therefore, as you can see, the Australian Migration Law is often changing. What may have been relevant last year, may no longer be appropriate this year, and visa planning will need to change and adapt.

Given the complexity and the regular changes of migration law in Australia, it is highly recommended to seek migration advice from us.

Will it cost a lot of money to hire your services as a migration agent?

This is another very difficult question to answer. Again, it depends on each applicant’s situation and what they are seeking the help of a OZ Visa Central for. Typically, if the situation is relatively straightforward and the applicant is merely seeking us to perform simple tasks such as complete forms, submit forms and maintain and monitor due dates, those costs will be relatively low. For others which are highly complicated and require copious amount of time to prepare and compile documents, the cost may be more. In some scenarios such a Refugee application although the effort by OZ Visa Central is high, the costs will be relatively low as we recognise that there is a humanitarian aspect to it.

How do I get started with applying for a Visa?

This depends entirely on your situation, and it will take time to completely understand what the requirements for your situations. There are six broad classes that you may fall under. They are:

  • Visitor
  • Study
  • Family
  • Partner (also known as Spouse)
  • Working
  • Business

Within each of these classes, there are further subclasses which need to be applied. As you can imagine, there are hundreds of different scenarios to consider, and of those scenarios there could be more than just once scenario that you will fit the criteria for.

Therefore, in getting started, take the time to understand some of the broader categories and see where you may fit in. For some of you this will be easy, and for others this may be extremely difficult.

Why should I hire you as a Migration Agent if I know what to do?

This is fantastic if you are confident and sure of how to proceed with your visa application. However, if in doubt, there is a risk that you would be unsuccessful.

My question to you is, “do you really want to take that risk?”

It maybe a simple enough to know when there are due dates to complete submissions or appeals.

Do you fully understand if it is calendar days or business days?

I am only raising these questions to you, as it is not as easy as many people think. OZ Visa Central often receives requests for support for appeals processes as a result of refused visa applications from the Department of Home Affairs.

Unfortunately, in many cases too much time has passed, or the original application was incorrect such that there is not recourse that would allow success of appeal.

The point that I raise is, be careful if you are to continue to proceed without the aid of OZ Visa Central. Ensure that you have performed all your research and that you have no doubt that your actions will only lead to success.