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Brisbane, Queensland is the third most populated city in Australia, residing in the mid north east coast. It is the place to be for great weather, their catch cry was “beautiful one day, perfect the next” in one of their Queensland tourism campaigns, and it really is true. Home to a vast array of beautiful beaches which are only one-hour drive away from Brisbane is the famous Gold Coast, it is no wonder why many visitors fall in love with Brisbane. Many who go to Brisbane to stay find that the living costs ease the financial pressure immensely, and the pace of life is much slower than Sydney and Melbourne. That’s not to say that this lower cost of living is reflective of poorer educational services or job opportunities. Far from it! They still offer that quality that is comparable with another other major city in Australia.

Brisbane, arguably is less diverse multiculturally than Sydney and Melbourne. And there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, immersing yourself in the Australian culture, especially if you are a student, will help accelerate your learning. This is one of the great advantages of studying in Brisbane.

In applying for a visa to Brisbane, as with other cities in Australia, no matter what visa you are on, or applying for, it is naturally important to understand where you want to live and the reasons why. Often it is a case of being with people whom you lived with and are comfortable with, or maybe it is because it is close to the University campus that you have been accepted to study at. Brisbane has so many options for visa applicants, that it is important to research as much as you can, to make the best out of living in Brisbane.

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Brisbane Visitor Visa

Those who apply for a Visitor Visa for Brisbane are often friends and families of those already living in Australia. Or they are simply tourists who have always dreamed of travelling to Brisbane and needed a visa.

Please note, not all countries need a Visitor Visa to travel to Brisbane. Some of these countries include New Zealand and England.

In applying for a Visitor visa, you will not be permitted to work in Brisbane, or in any part of Australia, and there is a due date upon which you must leave Australia. These departure dates are imperative to adhere to, especially if you plan on returning to Australia.

Queensland, of which Brisbane is the capital city of, is one of the most popular destinations for tourists (just think of the Great Barrier Reef, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast). As a result there are many Visitor Visas issued to applicants who intend to visit Brisbane.

The largest subclass in the Brisbane Visitor Visa is overwhelmingly the Sponsored Family Visitor. With the growing number of settled migrants residing in Brisbane, the Sponsored Family Visitor visa is the most sought-after service that OZ Visa Central provides.

Brisbane Student Visa

The Brisbane Student Visa ranks as one of the most needed for migration advice, in particular for the 500 subclass – Vocational Educational and Training Sector. At OZ Visa Central we help hundreds of applicants with their 500 visas. The 500 subclass can be extremely confusing, especially if English is not your native language, hence it is important to seek OZ Visa Central’s advice when submitting for this subclass.

Alongside subclass 500, the subclass 573 Higher Education Sector is also very popular for our support.

Brisbane is the home to some of the best vocational educational centres, high schools and universities in Australia. You may have heard of University of Griffith and Bond University. These universities are part of the Great 8, and the demand is high. If having a good education is important to you, and you want to study in a city that is vibrant, trendy, and opportunities for career advancement, then the Brisbane Student Visa is the way to go.

Brisbane Partner Visa

We are proud to say, that our most popular service in the Partner Visa class is for the subclass 801/820 Partner (a.k.a Spouse) Visa. Naturally, with Brisbane having the third highest population of all cities in Australia there is a strong demand for the Partner Visa in Brisbane, and this is where OZ Visa Central is extremely proud to support the application for Partners, bringing them together. We understand that the Partner Visa process can be a very difficult and challenging time emotionally. But highly rewarding upon successful application of the visa.

Brisbane Temporary Skilled Visa

The 457 Temporary Skilled Visa is by far the most applied for Temporary Visa. At OZ Visa Central, we literally process over hundreds of applications during the year and this is very much our bread and butter. Temporary skilled visas are extremely complicated in Migration law but is the most achievable for many applicants who want an opportunity to come to Australia to work. Most applicants who are successful, alongside Sydney and Melbourne, go to Brisbane to work.

Brisbane Business Visa

The most popular subclass in this category is the 892 Sponsored Business Owner. These applications require a huge amount of effort and are extremely complicated. Often, we employ the services of accountants, tax experts, business experts, because we understand what the department of Home Affairs is looking for.

We excel in completing these applications as we have a broad network of connections that support the entire process as and when needed. These visas are also not only for an individual but also for a family. Hence, we always consider as many options as possible to meet the family’s holistic needs, not just serving the Visa.


Brisbane is the third most popular destination for visa applicants. The living costs aren’t as high as Sydney or Melbourne’s and this is what makes Brisbane so attractive. Furthermore, the weather is fabulous. If you hate the cold, the Brisbane is the place for you, however it can become quite hot during the summer time. Another great advantage is that Brisbane is further north than Sydney and Melbourne. This means slightly less travel time when flying to other countries in the world.

If you are wanting a Brisbane Visa and are unsure of the next steps, then feel free to contact OZ Visa Central. We are happy to help.