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Learn the latest visa rules for Sydney, read our honest and trustworthy advice, keep up with the latest migration laws that are relevant to Sydney, and much more.

Sydney is the most populated city in Australia, in the middle of the east coast. It is vibrant, beautiful and is famous for the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach. Home to a diverse and multi-cultural background of locals, it is no wonder that Sydney is the number 1 destination for applicants who need an Australian visa.

In brief the below tables the geographical areas of which most visa applicants from abroad generally reside in:

  • Chinese Mainland – Hurstville, Burwood, Sydney City, Ashfield, Eastwood, Epping, Chatswood, Rhodes
  • Hong Kong – Chatswood, Burwood, Epping, Hurstville, Rhodes
  • Ireland – Coogee and Randwick
  • South Africa – Kings Cross, Darlinghurst, Rosebay, Double Bay, Bellevue Hill, Vaucluse, Bondi Junction
  • South Korea – Strathfield, Lidcombe, Eastwood, Epping
  • Nepal – Rockdale
  • Lebanon – Auburn
  • Indonesia – Maroubra

Of course, the above are only some ethnic backgrounds listed, and it is a general assumption/observation made. Sydney is very diverse and there are different ethnic groups everywhere, so of course you will find a spread of ethnicities everywhere.

No matter what visa you are on, or applying for, it is naturally important to understand where you want to live and the reasons why. Often it is a case of being with people whom you lived with and are comfortable with, or maybe it is because it is close to the University campus that you have been accepted to study at.

Sydney has so many options for visa applicants, that it is important to research as much as you can, to make the best out of living in Sydney.

Please take note, that although Sydney is the most popular and dense city in Australia, it is also by far the most expensive. Living costs, in particular rent or accommodation, can be more than 30% of other cities in Australia. The current advantage for overseas applicants is that the Australian dollar has fallen (depreciated) dramatically in recent years, and hence if there is a need to convert to the Australian dollar, there is more value than what there was in previously.

Sydney Migration Agents

As per the previous listing of where most Sydney Visa applicants reside, you can see that there is a need for many Sydney Migration Agents in Sydney city, and the Greater Sydney Region. All Sydney Migration Agents must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (also known as MARA). MARA maintains a registry of all Sydney Migration Agents, and requires them to perform continuous education each year.

Oz Visa Central is the number 1 leading migration agent in Sydney.

Complaints and Disputes

Should you have a complaint or dispute against a Sydney Migration Agent, then you can lodge it with MARA. They have a complaints and disputes process which you can follow. It is extremely detailed, but offers a fair and just pathway for review of the complaint and dispute. Hopefully however it will not come this.

You can be rest assured that with Oz Visa Central it will never come to this, as we pride ourselves with Quality and Honesty.

Sydney Visitor Visa

Those who apply for a Visitor Visa for Sydney are often friends and families of those already living in Australia. Or they are simply tourists who have always dreamed of travelling to Sydney and need a visa. Please note, not all countries need a Visitor Visa to travel to Sydney.

One of the countries is New Zealand, in which Australia has a strong affiliation with. Hence it is extremely important to find out if you need an Australian visa.

In applying for a Visitor visa, you will not be permitted to work in Sydney, or in any part of Australia, and there is a due date upon which you must leave Australia by.

These departure dates are imperative to adhere to, especially if you plan on returning to Australia.

Sydney is the number one destination for tourists, and therefore most Visitor Visas are issued to applicants who intend to visit Sydney.

The largest subclass in the Sydney Visitor Visa is overwhelmingly the Sponsored Family Visitor. With the growing number of settled migrants residing in Sydney, the Sponsored Family Visitor visa is the most sought-after service that Oz Visa Central provide.

Sydney Student Visa

The Sydney Student Visa ranks as one of the most needed for migration agent support, in particular for the subclasses of 500 – Vocational Educational and Training Sector. At Oz Visa Central we help hundreds of applicants with their 500 visas. The subclass 500 can be extremely confusing, especially if English is not your native language, hence it is important to seek Oz Visa Central’s advice when submitting for this subclass.

Alongside subclass 500, the subclass 573 Higher Education Sector is also very popular for our support.

Sydney is home to the top vocational educational centres, high schools and universities in Australia, let alone among the world. You may have heard of University of NSW, University of Sydney, University of Macquarie and there are many more. These universities are part of the “Great 8”, and the demand from foreign students is extremely high.

If having a good education is important to you, and you may want to study in a city that is vibrant, supportive and has a pathway to enhancing the chances of having a great career, then obtaining a Sydney Student Visa is the way to go.

Sydney Partner Visa

We are proud to say, that our most popular service is for the subclass 801/820 Partner (a.k.a Spouse) Visa. Naturally, with Sydney having the highest population of all cities in Australia there is a strong demand for the Partner Visa in Sydney. And this is where Oz Visa Central is extremely proud to support the application for Partners, bringing them together. We understand that the Partner Visa process can be a very difficult and can place a lot of pressure emotionally. But it is highly rewarding upon successful application of the visa.

If you are contemplating applying for a Partner Visa, please ensure that you keep good records of your relationship. A well documented, and well supported application will lead to a strong application, and ideally achieve the most efficient outcome for you.

Sydney Temporary Skilled Visa

The 457 Temporary Skilled Visa is by far the most applied for Temporary Visa. We literally process over hundreds of applications during the year and is very much our bread and butter. Temporary skilled visas are extremely complicated in Migration law but is the most achievable for many applicants who want an opportunity to come to Australia. Most applicants who are successful come to Sydney to work, as Sydney has the most job opportunities, closely followed by Melbourne.

Sydney Skilled Nominated Visa

In recent changes to the Skilled Nominated Visa in NSW, if you are are Chef or Cook then Sydney needs you. These two skilled worker categories has shot up the list due to a shortage of workers as a result of the large number of retiring baby boomer. There is a need to fulfill the gap that they are leaving in the workforce, and the demands for their retirement.

The skilled nominated visa program is available in each state of Australia, with each state dictating which skilled categories are needed. You will therefore finds other states may have differed skilled category needs to fulfill. Therefore if you find you may not have success in NSW, then review the Skilled Nominated Visa programs from other states. They may have a better chance of success than in NSW.

Sydney Business Visa

The most popular subclass in this category is the 892 Sponsored Business Owner. These applications require a huge amount of effort and are extremely complicated. Often, we employ the services of accountants, tax experts, business experts, because we understand what the Department of Home Affairs is looking for. We excel in completing these applications as we have a broad network of connections that support the entire process as and when needed. These visas are also not only for an individual but also for a family. Hence, we always consider as many options as possible to meet the family’s holistic needs, not just serving the application of the Visa.

Sydney Skilled Work Regional

It has been written ad nausea-um how expense Sydney City and Great Sydney can be, thus making the road to obtaining a visa difficult for some.

There is great news regarding the replacement of the 489 with the new Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) subclass 491 visa effective on 16 November 2019. What this allows is a gateway for those who want to live near Sydney a greater opportunity to obtain a visa. The recent changes as a result of the new 491 visa permits Sydney Central Coast to be considered a s regional area.

The Central Coast is ONLY a 1 hour train trip to the heart of Sydney City.

Distance wise, you are not far from Sydney City, but you must maintain working in the Central Coast to adhere to the visa requirements.

If you would like to discuss further the Skilled Work Regional Visa, with the potential of being nominated for Central Coast, please contact us.

Visa Refused Lodge an Appeal

Not all visa applications will be successful. Often we will have applicants, whom we advise that the chances of success will be low, but they are willing to try. There is nothing wrong with trying.

Should you be refused a visa, there is an appeals process that is to be followed, IF you want to appeal.

Please note: the opportunity to appeal is time bound. This means, if you intend to appeal you must do so urgently and with care.

If your visa has been refused and you need assistance with lodging an appeal from Sydney, then please contact us immediately.


Sydney is the most popular destination for visa applicants. The infrastructure, support and natural beauty is simply amazing. And any other city in Australia would find it hard to better Sydney. But the living costs offsets these benefits.

Great consideration must therefore be given to the financial pressure versus the experience and opportunities that being in Sydney brings. There are also other advantages in living in regional areas outside of Sydney, for those who seek permanent residency. Therefore consider other states and regions as well.

If you are wanting to see a Sydney Migration Agent and are unsure of the next steps, then feel free to contact Oz Visa Central. We are happy to help.

Bordering States

Australia is a huge country. The bordering states with major cities are Victoria, with Melbourne to the south and Queensland with Brisbane to the north. It is often difficult for visitors to comprehend the size of Australia. To provide context, to drive from Sydney to Melbourne you will need 8 hours, it is over 750km away. To drive from Sydney to Brisbane you will need over 12 hours.

Australia is vast, and some may believe they can live in on State whilst commute to another state on a daily basis for work. Possible, but highly expensive and impractical.


Why should I hire a Sydney Migration Agent?
If you plan on obtaining a visa to live or visit Sydney, then the best migration agent to hire is one that is located in Sydney. They know and understand the dynamics of the city, and can provide you with the best advice that relates specifically to Sydney itself. Yes, there are many migration agents that work outside of Sydney, and even outside of Australia, but without being based in Sydney they simply would not know the latest changes that are occurring in Sydney, which may help with optimizing your Visa success.

Why should I hire Oz Visa Central?
Our firm is based in Sydney, and therefore we are Sydney’s number 1 migration agency. We have many years of experience in Sydney, we live and breath in Sydney, we have grown up in Sydney, and we are active in the Sydney community. We promise to you the highest of Quality and Honesty, our two core principles.

Do Sydney Migration Agents cost more than others?
Typically Sydney Migration Agents charge the same amount as others, as in migration agents from other states. Yes, the living costs in Sydney are greater than other states, and you would expect a higher fee for the level of service from Sydney Migration Agents, purely because they would have more experience. But because the competition is extremely high you will find that Sydney Migration Agents offer great value for money and service. At Oz Visa Central our fees are extremely competitive.

What should I do if I have a complaint against a Sydney Migration Agent?
If you have a complaint against a Sydney Migration Agent, make sure you have documented as much as possible the circumstances of your complaint. You need to have sufficient evidence for MARA (the regulatory government body) to act upon. Please refer to their website for further information on how to register a complaint or dispute.

How do I find a Sydney Migration Agent that speaks my language?
If English is not your native language, or you are not comfortable with conversing with English, then it is important to find a Sydney Migration Agent that can speak your language. Although, Sydney Migration Agents who can only speak English still provide the support that you need, it is also important that you understand what is required of you and your chances of obtaining a visa. If communication with the Migration Agent is difficult because there is a language barrier then this may pose a problem. It can still obviously be circumnavigated, but not ideal. At Migration Essentials we also speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Bahasa Indonesia, in addition to fluent English.

How do I become a registered Sydney Migration Agent?
To qualify to become a Sydney Migration Agent, you need to sit for a plethora of exams and obtain experience. If you pass the exams and meet the required experience, you will then able to to lodge a registration with MARA to become a registered Migration Agent and begin to practice in Sydney. It is not an easy journey in becoming a registered Sydney Migration Agent.