Global Talent Visa

In this article we discuss the new visa the Global Talent visa, which is also known as the Global Talent Independent Programs, or the Global Talent Independent stream.

This visa has only been in existence for one year, with the last financial year having an intake of 5,000. Due to the strategy of the government, the intake has increased to a quota of 15,000 for the financial year 2020/2021.

This visa is without doubt, the quickest way to permanent residency in Australia. We’ve had applicants granted this visa in as little as a few weeks. The purpose of such a fast turn around time by immigration is to attract highly talented applicants.

Naturally, it is only in very select industries that this visa is open to. This encourages talented migrants to come to Australia and to transfer their skills to the broader Australian community.

The biggest thing about this visa, is that you don’t even need a skill assessment and you don’t need to have an employer sponsor.


But the eligibility requirements are extremely high.

Firstly, you can only apply for this visa if you satisfy an approved selected industry.

These include agricultural technology, space, advanced manufacturing, financial technology, energy and mining technology, medical technology, cyber security, quantum mechanics and other high tech areas. As you can see, the occupations are very much focused around technology.

The second requirement is that you need to be able to show you could command a salary of at least $153,600 per year, or you are a PhD graduate.

As you can see eligibility is extremely high. But for those few people who are able to meet the requirements this visa is really good.

Applying for the Global Talent Visa

Step 1 – Register an expression of interest, through immigration

You do this online, hence it’s very easy to do and it’s free. On the invitation or the expression of interest, you need to indicate or demonstrate that you’ve got outstanding skills in the field and you can command a salary of at least $153,600 per year and that you’ll be a benefit to the Australian community.

Step 2 – Nomination by peer or company in your select field

You an Australian company or person in the field that you are applying for to nominate you. Essentially, this vouchers the legitimacy of your qualifications, experience, and your ability to command a high salary in Australia.

Step 3-  Apply through the immi portal

And within a turnaround of literally a few weeks you will have permanent residency!

Cost of the Global Talent Visa

The costs for the main applicant is $4,110. For the secondary applicant it is half the cost.

Covid 19 Impact to Global Talent Visa

The Department of Home Affairs, had staff members stationed in London, Shanghai, Singapore, and Washington DC to attract potential applicants. Due to the corona virus, these staff members are no longer based at the various cities around the world, but are located in Australia.


Obviously the Global Talent Visa is not for everyone. However, if you believe you fit the bill, please contact us for an assessment and assistance with applying for the Global Talent Visa.