Migrate to NSW Central Coast on a 491 Visa

Want to migrate near Sydney, with the potential for PR?

You may be eligible for the Skilled Work Regional – Subclass 491 – Visa

Often we are asked, where can I migrate to that is not too far from the Sydney City, and yet be potentially eligible for Permanent Residency in the long timer. In years past, the opportunity to obtain a skilled working visa (temporary) with a view to PR resided in regional areas that were restricted to South Australia, Queensland and limited other regional areas.

But, all this has changed, with the subclass 491 visa replacing the 489. The 491 visa has a wider selection of regional areas to choose room, allowing for great flexibility for applicants.

If you are considering migrating to Australia, then read on to know more about Sydney Central Coast and Skilled Work Regional – Subclass 491 opportunities.

Visa 491 – Key Requirements:

  • A state or territory government agency must nominate you to apply, or be sponsored by a relative.
  • You must be in an occupation that is on the skilled occupation list.
  • You must possess the skills for the occupation.
  • You must meet the points test.
  • You must be earn a salary of at least $53,900 per year.

Sydney Central Coast

The Central Coast is a region north of Sydney City at only a short train trip away. It is a region that consists of several suburbs – Gosford being the largest of them.

The Central Coast used to be regarded as the holiday mecca of Sydney. Sydney siders would often take their vacation travelling to central coast and live the dream of relaxing at beaches, fishing, boating and generally enjoying life. It really was holiday house heaven.

The Central Coast has changed tremendously in the last decade. Transformed from simple idyllic holiday hideaways, it is now busting out as a sophisticated little brother city to Sydney City. In recent years, the property prices have boomed but still remains much more affordable than Sydney City. An expansion of the Gosford City Hospital has occurred at an infrastructure cost of over $50m by the NSW state government. There are even professional sports teams representing the Central Coast, which is a testament to the rise in population.

To describe how close the proximity of Central Coast is to Sydney I will describe it by travel time. If you caught the express train from Gosford to Central Station (the main station in Sydney City) it will only take 1 hour and 10mins. If you were to drive from Gosford to the edge of Greater Sydney it would take 30mins.

In my previous years of obsessive cycling, where I would wake up at 6am to ride through the national parks of Sydney, my friends and I would cycle to Woy Woy (the edge of Gosford), this would take just under 2 hours.

How developed is the Central Coast?

Gosford is the main hub of Central Coast and houses a local population of over 160,000. A new hospital has been built and the train station has been upgraded to facilitate express trains to and from Central station. There is a sports stadium and boat port. The main CBD area spans over several blocks, with small shopping malls, restaurants, retail outlets and public community centres, such as library and town hall.

Surrounding Gosford are other Central Coast suburbs such as:

  • Wyong
  • Terrigal
  • The Entrance

These smaller suburbs are leafy, beach side or waterfront bordering.

What jobs are available?

Typically the jobs at the Central Coast are retail, hospitality, trade worker and government agency or government infrastructure large projects.

Financial Services, Corporate, White collar jobs are generally easier to find in the Sydney City, rather than in the Central Coast.

Is housing expensive?

Housing is much more affordable than Sydney city. A house on a block that is 400 sqm, may cost you between $500,000 to $800,000. In Sydney, a house with land of 400 sqm cost you $700,000 to anywhere to $2 million and above (depending on the area).

Rent is in the range of $300 to $500 per week in Central Coast, which compared to Sydney would be in the vicinity of $500 to $1,000.

Is the Skilled Work Regional Visa appropriate for you?

Given these considerations, the Skilled Work Regional Visa is ideal for those who would like a temporary visa that allows a transition to permanent residency, but within close proximity to Sydney.

The requirements to transition to Permanent Residency with subclass 491, is that you must remain living and working in the Central Coast for the minimum of 3 years and earn a salary above a required threshold – yet to be firmly defined.

So if you are looking for a visa that may lead to permanent residency, and you are looking for the closest possible regional area to Sydney, then the Skilled Work Regional visa is what you are looking for.

When did it become into effect?

This subclass came into legislation in November 2019, however some state governments are yet to provide a framework for their nomination process. Therefore, even though legally the 491 visa is now permitted, those seeking to be nominated for the Central Coast region will have to wait until the NSW government has established their nomination process. It is expected that this process will be up and running by early 2020.

The road to Permanent Residency

Generally the requirements are 3 years in a regional area, will then allow the applicant to apply for permanent residency. Bear in mind, that some regional areas may not be to your liking. Regional areas are mostly have low populations, are lengthy distances from the major cities.

Next Steps

If you like to know more about the potential of migrating to the Sydney Central Coast, please feel free to contact us – Oz Visa Central